My first week.

Friday, May 19

I woke up pretty early and went straight to the airport. I went through security without getting stopped for the very first time and waited for the plane. The plane ride was nice and I watched Spongebob and Fairly OddParents until I ran out of things to watch, so I played N64 Mario Kart. Not sure why that matters but if anything is going to get you through 3 hours without wifi, its going to be that.

When I arrived, the other intern picked me up and took me to his house and I slept for a bit before coming to Adam and Katie’s. That was pretty much the whole day.

Saturday, May 20

I didn’t do much besides get used to the new altitude.

Sunday, May 21

My first time at Summit Church. I arrived ad served right away only knowing like two things in the entire building. The service was really good and really long. The series is: JESUS IS _____. The service was on Jesus being supernatural.

Elevate started after audit was pretty cool. Adam preached on relationships. I met some peeps and that was the majority of the day.

Monday, May 22

We had a meeting which was going well until we all decided to go to the bathroom. We all left our keys inside the room we were meeting in and we locked ourselves out of the room and out of the building. So, we got lunch at this vietnamese restaurant that was really good. I’m probably going to go back. Nathan’s mom gave us her keys while we were eating so we went back to continue the meeting. When we got there, we realized she didn’t have an exterior key, so we were locked out still but someone was in the building so we knocked on the door. The meeting went well though.

Tuesday, May 23

We were at the office for a bit. I cut out a million pieces of paper. Nathan, Adam, and I discussed some things about Elevate. After words I went to Levi’s football practice, and Judah’s baseball practice(its really cold at night here).

Wednesday, May 24

Was told it would be a hike day, did not understand how big the hike was. We went to the Manitou Incline in Manitou Springs. This incline takes you up a little bit into pikes peak. I didn’t make it to the top of the stairs. I’m from around sea level, I have asthma, I could be in better physical shape, I was in a lot of pain. I climbed up to the 777-something thousand mark, which was huge because I thought I wasn’t going to make it after 200 stairs. I didn’t make it to the top but I was close so maybe one day I’ll make it up there. Oh, Adam and Nathan ran up it, how? idk. I also forgot to put sunscreen on my arms and now look like a lobster so thats cool.

After the hike, we got Jamba Juice and Qdoba. I don’t think I’ve ever ate anything so fast. We also went to World Prayer Center, which was really cool to see an entire building dedicated to prayer. I prayed outside and a spider was climbing on me which was really distracting.

We finished the night at Lauren’s soccer game at the Dick’s sporting good arena. The game was pretty lit even though they lost. They’ll win it next year.

Thursday, May 25

Not much going on. Just resting and avoiding the sun.


My biggest takeaway from Colorado.

I used to think it was normal for a church to give you the satisfaction of fitting in somewhere, until you didn’t.

I thought it was normal for there to be a group that was seen as being better than the rest; a group that people wanted to be apart of.

I used to think it was normal to push people away simply because of their appearance or how they talked.

I used to think it was normal to be a hypocrite.

I used to think it was normal for a worship team to be competitive within it’s self.

I used to think that as long as we reflected what other churches were doing, ever thing was going to get better.

I used to think if I reflected everything was fine, I would get better.

To be honest, walking into my internship, I had given up hope. I had given up thinking that not all churches are like the ones I’ve been to. I had given up thinking that a church had become anything beyond a social club. I had given up on myself, and thinking I would never be able to serve wholeheartedly again.

I was proven wrong. I was proven wrong because I was wrong about all of it. I was proven that God still loves me and he’s still setting the building blocks for his love movement. He knows the modern church is failing because it’s become power and fame hungry. It’s become greedy.

God built this little church and he built it well. He put in the most loving pastors and staff I have ever met. He set the congregation on fire and never let it burn out. I saw things that would have never been possible at other churches.

They did this thing called 21 days of prayer. Basically, you wake up at 5 to be there at 6 to pray for an hour. I definitely would have never willingly done this and been excited. I got there at 6 to find that about half of the congregation goes, willingly. I was shocked that there were as  many people in a small church as I would have expected in my old church of 6,000. God is moving.

I joined the worship team. I felt zero competition. I was coached on how to worship from the drum set. No one taught me at my old church (I was on the team for 3 years there).

I was a part of something more than a build, more than a service, more than a ministry. I was apart of a community. A community that wanted nothing to do with growing in size, but growing in faith, growing in strength, growing in love.

Thank you to all of the amazing people at Summit Church in Centennial, Colorado. You guys made my summer a life changing experience. Keep on being rad.

So I fell a little behind…

To catch you guys up to date, here’s whats been going on in my life.

Ive been doing a lot with the group Elevate. I gotten the privilege to help lead a life group, play drums, do production stuff, and plan really cool things afterwards. We’ve done group hikes, trips to Sonic, and this week we having a prayer night that we’re hoping will inspire students lives. I love this group of students and am so thankful to get to be apart of the movement they are making in Denver.

I’ve taken some trips! This weekend we went to the Rocky National Park and I got to see so of God’s epic creations on Earth. We visited a few lakes and got to have a snowball fight.

I helped out at a festival! I got to represent Summit Church at HopeFest and it was a fun time. I wasn’t a big fan of any of the artists but I got to do the compassion experience which was really cool. I snuck backstage for family force five and loved watching Teddy’s energy from behind the drum kit.

I was a leader at City Camp! I got to help people who were homeless and I painted the interior of a house.

I made some friend! I know, its a big deal. I’ve been able to make friendship that I hope will last a while. I love my friends here and I’m so excited to see God use them.


The Journey Begins.

Friday, May 19th, I begin my Journey going to Colorado for the summer. I will be an ¬†Intern at Summit Church and I am beyond excited to see what God is going to do in my life through this trip. I have my worries and I pray that I will overcome these difficulties to keep my mind set on what God’s vision for me is. I’m so excited to share my experiences with you through this blog. I’m thankful for the opportunity and can’t wait to see what God is about to do. God is good.