So I fell a little behind…

To catch you guys up to date, here’s whats been going on in my life.

Ive been doing a lot with the group Elevate. I gotten the privilege to help lead a life group, play drums, do production stuff, and plan really cool things afterwards. We’ve done group hikes, trips to Sonic, and this week we having a prayer night that we’re hoping will inspire students lives. I love this group of students and am so thankful to get to be apart of the movement they are making in Denver.

I’ve taken some trips! This weekend we went to the Rocky National Park and I got to see so of God’s epic creations on Earth. We visited a few lakes and got to have a snowball fight.

I helped out at a festival! I got to represent Summit Church at HopeFest and it was a fun time. I wasn’t a big fan of any of the artists but I got to do the compassion experience which was really cool. I snuck backstage for family force five and loved watching Teddy’s energy from behind the drum kit.

I was a leader at City Camp! I got to help people who were homeless and I painted the interior of a house.

I made some friend! I know, its a big deal. I’ve been able to make friendship that I hope will last a while. I love my friends here and I’m so excited to see God use them.



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